Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab in New Jersey

Your expert care team will provide a personalized recovery plan that may include:

  • Virtual appointments with a therapist and peer support specialist
  • At-home drug testing
  • Therapy and medication for mental health conditions
  • Medication to safely detox from alcohol or opioids and manage cravings

At Eleanor Health, we are committed to your recovery journey and will not discharge you from treatment if your addiction relapses.

Hear from Our Community Members

Cherry Hill, NJ
“Instrumental with assisting me with mental health and addiction disorders. Shown a great deal of concern, compassion and understanding. Highly recommend for those of us who have struggled. Thanks so much for your help and support!!”
Brick, NJ
“Detoxing from alcohol was one of the hardest things I ever had to do and I am so glad I had Eleanor Health there to help me. I am by no means at the end of my journey but I know I can do it with the help of Eleanor.”
Trenton, NJ
“The team is supportive and non-judgmental. Remote visits are helpful with working full time and having other constraints. Becoming a member has really helped me better myself and be safer, healthier, and happier.”
Your Treatment
Recovery isn’t “one size fits all”. Your custom addiction treatment plan may include a combination of these services.
A community member receives a prescription for Medication for Addiction Treatment (MAT)
Medication for Addiction Treatment (MAT)
Our expert clinicians will work with you to determine if medications like Suboxone, Naltrexone, or another MAT may help you safely detox and see progress in your alcohol or drug addiction recovery.
A person speaks with an addiction treatment provider
Our licensed therapists offer a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore thoughts and emotions, identify triggers and patterns, and develop practical skills to cope with life stressors and get you feeling better.
Person attends a virtual therapy appointment
Peer Support
Our Community Recovery Partners (CRPs) are people who have lived experiences with addiction and mental health challenges and want to help you. They’ll listen, connect you with resources you need, and support you through your addiction recovery journey.

Check Your Insurance Coverage

Eleanor Health accepts most major insurance plans in New Jersey including:

  • Aetna
  • Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Horizon NJ Health
  • United Healthcare
  • Select Medicare plans
  • Managed care Medicaid

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