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Getting Ready for Your Upcoming Virtual Appointment

We’re so glad you chose Eleanor Health for your recovery! We know technology can be confusing and add unwanted stress. Here is some information and helpful tips on joining your appointment using athenaTelehealth.


The Day Before Your Appointment

Members registered for the Patient Portal will receive a text message the day before the appointment with a link to the Patient Portal. Once you log in, you will find the details for your visit and the link to join your appointment. Here you will also find a link to a pre-appointment device check, allowing you to test and troubleshoot your device settings any time before your appointment.

15 Minutes Before Your Appointment

You’ll receive an appointment reminder email or text message (depending on your preferred method of contact, so long as you’ve consented) 15 minutes before your virtual visit containing your athenaTelehealth link. You can click on the appointment URL in your messages to access your appointment. If you’re unable to locate the link in your appointment reminder messages, the link can be accessed in the Member App under Upcoming Visits on the homepage or the Visits tab menu.

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In the Virtual Waiting Room

Person attends a virtual therapy appointment
After clicking the link and verifying your connection, you should:
  1. Enter your name, to be displayed when your provider joins the call.
  2. Consent to athenaTelehealth Terms of Use and Informed Patient Consent.
  3. Make sure that you allow your browser to access your camera and microphone if prompted to do so.
  4. You’ll be admitted into the private virtual waiting room.
  5. Relax! Your visit will start when your provider arrives.

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General Tips

  • Be in a private place where you are comfortable asking questions about your health.
  • Make sure no one in your location is streaming videos or playing video games during your appointment.
  • Be aware that blurred and/or other background images are unsupported at this time, so ensure you are comfortable with your real-time background at the time of your visit.

If you’re on a desktop or laptop:

  • Ensure the browser is supported. Check your browser version.
  • Make sure you are close to your router for best connection
  • Close down any other applications/browser tabs which may be using sound like Skype, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc
  • Select Allow any time the browser prompts to allow audio & video. Learn more here.

If you’re on a mobile device:

  • Use Mobile Data vs Wi-Fi
  • Make sure the mobile browser is supported. Check your mobile device.
  • Select Allow any time the browser prompts to allow audio & video. Learn more here.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don’t need to log into the Patient Portal or download any kind of application to  join the visit. The URL will come directly to your preferred contact method (email or text,  so long as you’ve previously consented to such messaging with your healthcare provider’s office) and can be accessed via web browser (desktop or mobile). However, you can also access the link for your athenaTelehealth appointment in the Member App or on the Patient Portal, if registered. Speak to the staff and care team about registering for the athena Patient Portal.

Automated readiness checks are built into your virtual visit. In the confirmation message  that contains details about your appointment, you’ll also be provided a link to a pre-appointment device check, which will allow you to test your device settings and troubleshoot audio or video issues. This link will not be available in any reminder messages.

The provider will join the call as soon as they’re able, but the virtual waiting room will  expire after 60 minutes. Upon entering, you’ll read a message stating that the call will begin when your provider or a practice staff member joins the call.

Yes, up to four total users can participate in the call simultaneously, including users from  both the patient and the provider side. If you require an additional participant to be present  during the visit, such as a caretaker, you can share your visit link with them. When your second participant joins the call, they should enter their name and select their  relationship to you from a dropdown (e.g. Jane Doe, Interpreter).

If you become accidentally disconnected in the middle of the visit, you can access the visit  again using the same URL you were initially provided or by refreshing your browser page.

athenaTelehealth has the capability to be used as an audio-only call, but you should first  check with practice staff about using only audio

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