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Help for Loved Ones

We understand that drug and alcohol addiction addiction, or Substance Use Disorder (SUD), affects not only the individual going through it but those around them. We can help you learn how to support them while also taking care of yourself.

If your loved one is ready to seek help, Eleanor Health provides:

Medication for Addiction Treatment (MAT) to safely detox and prevent relapse

Therapy to treat underlying issues that may trigger substance use

Peer support from a team with their own addiction recovery experience

*Note that we are unable to discuss the health of an individual with anyone other than the individual. If you know someone who is ready to start their recovery journey, please have them call us or fill out our secure form.

Understanding Your Loved One’s Addiction

Explore our resource center for articles, e-books, and podcasts to help you navigate this challenging journey with compassion and understanding.

View all resources for family and friends >>

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If your loved one is not ready to get help, we will be here when they are ready.

In the meantime, understand that you are not alone and it is important to take care of yourself so you can support them on their recovery journey. Here are some additional courses, support groups, and other resources for families and friend of those suffering from drug addiction:

Connect with others

SMART Recovery Family & Friends online or in-person meetings are a dedicated space for those with loved ones who are struggling with addiction.

Find a SMART meeting near you
Take an online course

This online course from We the Village gives you the knowledge and skills to finally help your loved one get through addiction recovery.

Register here
Find harm reduction resources near you

The National Harm Reduction Coalition connects people who use drugs & their loved ones to resources and community.

Check out their resources