Addiction Treatment from Home

Our convenient and confidential treatment for opioid and alcohol addiction is covered by many major insurance plans and may be no additional cost to you. Reach out today to learn more about our medication for addiction treatment (MAT), therapy, and peer support services.

Addiction Treatment from Home

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Your Treatment
Your care plan may include a combination of these addiction treatment services.
A community member receives a prescription for Medication for Addiction Treatment (MAT)
Medication for Addiction Treatment (MAT)
Our expert clinicians will work with you to determine the best medication and dosage to help you see progress and results in your alcohol or drug addiction recovery.
A person speaks with an addiction treatment provider
Our licensed therapists offer a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore thoughts and emotions, identify triggers and patterns, and develop practical skills to cope with life stressors and get you feeling better.
Person attends a virtual therapy appointment
Peer Support
Our Community Recovery Partners (CRPs) are people who have lived experiences with addiction and mental health challenges and want to help you. They'll listen, connect you with resources you need, and support you through your journey.

Why Eleanor Health?

No Judgement,
No Stigma
Addiction treatment is not a straight path to recovery. We recognize that relapse is often a normal part of the recovery process and we won’t judge you or discharge you if you relapse. Instead we will work with you to adjust your treatment plan.
Treatment on
Your Terms
Your treatment plan will focus on helping you achieve your specific goal, even if it isn’t abstinence. Whether that is reducing alcohol consumption, quitting drinking altogether, or taking back your life from an addiction to opiates or stimulants.
Caring for
the Whole Person
We don’t just treat your addiction, we treat the causes of your addiction. Whether you have experienced mental health issues or physical conditions that have led you to dependence on opioids and alcohol, our whole person approach aims to address all of these factors.

Getting Started with Your Recovery Journey

peer support

1. A call with our team, at no cost to you

We will chat with you about treatment, your specific concerns, and verify your insurance.

2. Book your first appointment

If we sound like a good fit, we will schedule your first appointment in your first call.

3. Your first appointment

You will meet with a care team member who will create your customized treatment plan.

4. The journey to feeling better

Depending on your needs we will schedule your next appointments. Aspects of this journey include: therapy, prescription refills, or peer coaching.

Real Community Member Stories

Steve • New Jersey

Becoming addicted to opioids after a skateboarding injury, Steven has overcome his substance use disorder to step up for his son and his family. “I was either going to die, be homeless, end up in jail…being clean is well worth it.”

Watch Steve’s Story

Alicia North Carolina

“My greatest achievement this year has been keeping the promise to myself that I would remain sober during the week. What that has done for my mental acuity, what that has done for my ability to be present when I’m at home, and what that has done for my resilience and ability to cope has been life-changing. That’s the biggest thing that I’m proud of.”

Watch Alicia's Story
We’re here to help

We know reaching out can be hard. Call today to speak with one of our recovery specialists. We will listen, learn, and offer support – without judgment. We welcome every person in need of support.