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Eleanor Health was founded by a team of experts to change how we deliver and pay for substance use disorder and mental health treatment. We prioritize value-based partnerships that aim to align incentives around support for the highest risk & highest cost populations.

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Eleanor Health overview


We currently have 18 clinics in 6 states and are rapidly expanding


In addition to in-clinic care, our comprehensive, multi-modal approach includes virtual care delivery and support in the community


We have demonstrated unprecedented clinical outcomes, including member engagement, retention, and satisfaction, as well as improved quality and reduced costs

why eleanor health?

Eleanor Health has redefined care and payment systems together as the only tech-driven, evidence-based, comprehensive provider of mental health & substance misuse treatment built on value based care. As a Mental Health Medical Home, we serve as the primary relationship in the healthcare system for attributed members, treating all mental health needs, while helping to manage & coordinate for other physical comorbidities.
our care model

We believe in treating the whole person

Our comphrensive care model includes treatment for substance use disorder, treatment for mental health, coordination of physical health through nurse care managers, and addressing non-clinical needs to remove barriers to care.

Our whole person approach
Eleanor Health
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eleanor's mission

We help people affected by addiction live amazing lives

This requires more than just providing excellent clinical care. It requires addressing barriers to access, engagement, and retention, delivering tech-enabled care, and a heightened focus on overall cost of care.

Our accreditations

When you seek mental health and addiction treatment at Eleanor, we want you want to feel confident that you are receiving high quality, evidence-based care from the most reputable doctors. We're proud to say we have received accreditations from the following institutions.

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We are passionate about fostering value-based partnerships with organizations that share our mission to help people affected by addiction live amazing lives. Together, we can change the mental health and addiction treatment landscape.