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People with substance use disorders often experience other mental health concerns at the same time. Our whole-person care includes a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and ongoing support for your mental health to ensure you’re getting the best possible treatment for your needs

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Benefits of Psychiatry

Mental health problems and addiction often occur together. People who live with a substance use disorder alongside other mental illnesses are diagnosed as having a co-occurring disorder or a dual diagnosis. For some people, addiction may lead to the development of a mental health condition or worsen any existing symptoms. Other people may use substances as a way to self-medicate or cope with the symptoms of an existing mental health condition, which may then lead to addiction. No matter which came first, in cases of co-occurring disorders, the two illnesses become interconnected since they both impact brain function and overall health. If a co-occurring disorder is undiagnosed or untreated, it can be challenging to effectively treat addiction and sustain recovery. This is why taking care of mental health needs, in addition to physical needs, is vitally important in sustaining long-term recovery.

Integrated psychiatric services and treatment at Eleanor Health

If you are experiencing a mental health condition alongside your addiction, it may feel overwhelming to treat even one illness, let alone both at the same time. Though it can be difficult, it is important to receive comprehensive help that addresses each condition. Treating your addiction without addressing your overall mental health will limit the benefits of treatment.

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All medication-assisted treatment services can be delivered in-person at one of our many locations or virtually from the comfort of your own home.

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We understand the complexity of co-occurring disorders and the importance of providing integrated psychiatric services. To help you make the most of your care, our team of psychiatric medical professionals will assess and evaluate how addiction interacts with your ongoing mental health needs. If you are diagnosed with a co-occurring disorder, we will work with you to create an individualized care plan that manages both your addiction and mental health symptoms. Based on your unique needs, medical history, and preferences, your treatment plan will include a combination of therapies to help you improve your coping skills and reinforce positive, motivational behaviors. Your treatment may also involve psychiatric medication management, depending on your specific circumstances. With the assistance of our team, you’ll feel supported every step of the way and in control of your co-occurring disorder as you navigate through recovery.
Alicia, Eleanor Health member shares recovery story
  • alicia
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It felt good to know that I had a team of people who were going to get to know me, who were going to really learn who I am, and that were willing to walk along this journey with me.

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