Help your loved one get the addiction treatment they need

At Eleanor Health, we provide outpatient addiction recovery services that can help your loved one take back control of their health, free from addiction. Everyone deserves to live an amazing life and our individualized treatment plans can help them get there.  

If you know someone who is ready to start their recovery journey, we are here to help! They can simply fill out the form and we will reach out soon.

*Note that we are unable to discuss the health of an individual with anyone other than the individual.

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E-Book: How to Help My Loved One Struggling with Substance Use Disorder

Two people hugging and support one another through mental health and addiction challenges

At Eleanor Health, we understand that addiction, or Substance Use Disorder (SUD), affects not only the individual going through it but those around them. We can help you learn how to support them while also taking care of yourself.

If your loved one is not ready to engage in care, we will be here when they are ready.

If you are interested in learning more about how you support them on the path toward recovery, here are some additional resources to help you get started:

Visit our Resource Center

Check out our many resources dedicated to helping you understand and navigate your loved one’s addiction

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Take an online course at We the Village

This online course gives you the knowledge and skills to finally help your loved one get through addiction recovery.

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Find harm reduction resources near you

The National Harm Reduction Coalition connects people who use drugs & their loved ones to resources and community.

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