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Meet the Greensboro, NC Clinical Team!

Tylynn Carlton

June 3, 2021


Ken Dunham, MD, A psychiatrist for Eleanor Health's mental health and addiction treatment centers in Greensboro, North Carolina

Ken Dunham, MD, FAPA, CPE, Psychiatrist

Dr. Dunham believes in the mind/body connection and is board certified in both psychiatry and internal medicine. He is a leader in healthcare delivery and has partnered with Eleanor Health to help provide excellent care to patients in need.  His current duties include supervision of advanced providers in NC.


Ali Fujimoto, a member experience administrative specialist for Eleanor Health in Greensboro, North Carolina

Ali Fujimoto, MEAS

With a deep passion for helping others, it’s my absolute joy to serve our members. I love finding ways to remind people of their worth, and fight for them at every turn. I was created to love people, and it’s my true mission in life to remind people how beautiful they really are, no matter what. Being a MEAS gives me a real opportunity to serve in this way, being one of the first points of contact in our members day. I get to bring a little hope, and offer gentle reminders of sunlight in the dark places. This is my joy. I’m grateful to be a part of this. In my spare time I love listening to music, I have an absolute obsession with the drums, (think Neil Peart, Stewart Copeland, John Bonham) I love hiking, photography and anything outdoors. I enjoy watching documentaries and am a huge fan of all things Everest and Appalachian Trail.

If you need help with your substance use disorder, we are here to help you build your confidence and momentum towards the future you want. We provide treatment services for adults with alcohol, opioid, and other substance use disorders. We are conveniently located in Asheville, Cary, Durham, Fayetteville, Hickory, High Point, Mooresville, Wilmington , Raleigh, and Matthews. We also provide services via Telehealth.

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Eleanor Health

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Our mission at Eleanor Health is to help people affected by addiction live amazing lives. We deliver whole-person, comprehensive care and are passionate about transforming the quality, delivery, and accessibility of addiction & mental health treatment. Our actions are rooted in respect for each member's values, culture, and life experiences, and our commitment to their wellbeing is unwavering and without judgement.

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