Recovery for life.

Our mission at Eleanor Health is to help people affected by addiction live amazing lives. We deliver whole-person, comprehensive care, and are passionate about transforming the quality, delivery, and accessibility of addiction & mental health treatment. Our actions are rooted in respect for each member’s values, culture, and life experiences, and our commitment to their well-being is unwavering and without judgment.

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Our Treatment Services
We put our community members at the center of everything we do, with remote treatment services as well as in-person, from alcohol withdrawal to suboxone detox and more. Our addiction specialists start by learning more about your life, preferences, specific needs, and detox goals. We then build a customized care plan based on your physical health & mental wellbeing, personal goals, and life priorities.
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Medication for Addiction Treatment (MAT)
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Therapy & Counseling
A community member receives a prescription for Medication for Addiction Treatment (MAT)
Psychiatric Services
A group of medical professionals, doctors, nurses, psychiatrists
Detox Program
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Recovery Resources
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Support Groups
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Recovery Coaching

Paying for Treatment

Everyone deserves affordable outpatient mental health & substance use treatment

Eleanor Health accepts most major insurance plans including Aetna, Horizon Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Horizon NJ Health, United Healthcare, Medicare, and managed care Medicaid. If we don’t contract with your insurance plan, we will work with your out-of-network benefits to ensure you still benefit from insurance.
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*Eleanor Health is in-network with Medicare, but Medicare does not approve, endorse, or authorize any specific healthcare providers including Eleanor Health.

Virtual or In-Person Treatment

If you need help with your substance use disorder, we are here to help you build your confidence and momentum towards the future you want. The Eleanor Health community-based approach was specifically created to make recovery accessible to all, including home treatment options. We provide virtual and in-office treatment services based on your preferences.

Who We Serve
  • Adults with alcohol, opioid, nicotine, and other substance use disorders
  • Older adults, who may require more intensive medical support
  • Relapsed individuals seeking to reengage their recovery process
  • Pregnant women in need of addiction treatment and OBGYN services
  • Support systems and loved ones of people with addiction

Hear from our Community Members

Steve’s Story

Becoming addicted to opioids after a skateboarding injury, Steven has overcome his substance use disorder to step up for his son and his family.

“I was either going to die, be homeless, end up in jail…being clean is well worth it.”

Watch Steve’s Story

Alicia’s Story

“My greatest achievement this year has been keeping the promise to myself that I would remain sober during the week. What that has done for my mental acuity, what that has done for my ability to be present when I’m at home, and what that has done for my resilience and ability to cope has been life-changing. That’s the biggest thing that I’m proud of.”

Watch Alicia’s Story

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