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Thank you for choosing Eleanor Health to support the care of your patient!
There are several ways you can refer a patient to us:

● Connect with our referral team at 1-877-759-5021
● Submit the referral form below
● Fax your referral to the number listed below for your state:

Louisiana - (225) 289-4840
Massachusetts - (508) 546-6139
New Jersey - (732) 518-5237
North Carolina - (704) 323-5355
Ohio - (330) 230-5560
Texas - (210) 579-8441
Washington - (206) 299-9409

About Eleanor Health

We provide long-term, office-based addiction care for opioids, alcohol, and other substance use disorders at every phase of the illness including active use, remission, and maintenance. Our services include medication-assisted treatment (MAT), psychiatric medication management, individual and group therapy, nurse care management, and connection to community resources. Our care model is effectively delivered in-person at one of our clinics, virtually from anywhere in Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, and Washington, or as a mixture of in-clinic and virtual, depending on your patient’s needs.

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We believe in unmatched access to care and respond to all referrals within 24 to 48 business hours of receipt.

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