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Self-Care Tips from Eleanor Health Team Members

Megan Bandy

May 23, 2022


With how fast life moves, it can feel impossible to take care of your mental health. But doing so even for a short period of time and in little ways can make a huge difference in your mood and mental wellbeing for the day. 

If you’re not sure how you can practice self-care every day, here are a few examples from our team members about how they practice self-care in their busy lives:



“This morning I am doing some self-care by making some potpourri. Simmering some lemon slices, eucalyptus, and a few drops of lavender essential oil with water. The aroma fills the entire house, it’s so very calming for me <3.”

An Eleanor Health employee image of homemade potpourri as a selfcare practice


Colleen H:

“I have been writing with fountain pens (they are fun to collect) and began working on improving my handwriting. I find it soothing to slow down when I write and to watch the ink dry. They make some amazing inks.”


Emme N:

“I have found I really have to limit my inputs of news and social media right now. I was very guilty of ‘Doom Surfing” at the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis If anyone feels the same way, this article from Think Different Nation may help.” 


Josh T:

“I take time to meditate and speak affirmations in the morning before starting my work day.”


Emily P:

“My self-care is trying to stop and notice moments of beauty in nature on my walk to the train, this was from our fleeting snowstorm yesterday in MA.”

An Eleanor Health employee photo of a pond after a snowstorm


Roy H:

“I have found getting lost in a good book helps with anxiety. Just immerses me in another place and time and tends to calm me.”


Keri M:

“For me, this weekend #selfcare included listening to my body and allowing myself to do absolutely nothing on Sunday. The few errands I need to check off were able to wait until today! so often we push ourselves to do things and don’t listen to what our body is screaming for.”


Ali F:

“Self care looks like so many things. Two of mine are going into nature and breathing, another is music. This song captures a lot of self care in the words for me. 🌿🍄🌺🌱

May we always seek what gives us great rest/refresh/relief in all the moments we need it✨”  




“I listen to my music full blast in my car and dream of all the things I’ve yet to do. I’m worth it. I listen to positive podcasts – Brene Brown, The Happiness Lab, The Office Ladies, and The Minimalists Podcast. I enjoy food adventures and play Wordle in the morning. I affirm with myself that it’s ok to be imperfect. I make no apologies for taking breaks. Gone are the days when skipping breaks and lunch is the evidence of hard work. Breaking up with that old narrative is important. It’s so important to care for ourselves so that we can be our best and live long fruitful lives.”


Shelby S.:

“This week I am reminded that self-care is essential! With busy schedules both at work and home, we need that time to fill our cup back up. This weekend I plan to focus on the things I can change, understand the things I cannot and let them go, and just be!! To refill my cup I plan to do absolutely nothing this weekend…much needed.”


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