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Recovery Journey: Aaron Price

Aaron Price

September 9, 2022


September marks the start of National Recovery Month, a time in which we celebrate the achievements and milestones of those in recovery from substance use and mental health. A goal of Recovery Month is to reinforce the message that nobody should ever be alone in their recovery, no matter what part of their journey they are currently in. In lieu of this, we would like to share and honor the recovery journey of our very own Aaron Price, the Community Recovery Partner for our Mooresville, North Carolina office. 


Recovery Story 

I began my addiction at the very young age of 12 years old. I started using weed, and it escalated quickly. With each passing year, I was experimenting with new drugs. Over the 22 years that I lived in active addiction, I used about any substance that you can think of. This included weed, cocaine, crack, ecstasy, special k, acid, shrooms, meth, alcohol, Xanax, heroin, fentanyl, pain pills, etc I used orally, nasally, and IV. I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that I was not living the way I was raised by my parents and in God’s eyes. 

I managed to graduate high school and went to work with my dad as a mason. I knew that there was more out there, but I decided to settle. Many years passed mistake after mistake, DUI after DUI, rehab after rehab, in and out of jail. My addictions were uncontrollable, and my life was in complete chaos. I was administered Narcan at least six times. I also suffered from bipolar disorder and severe anxiety and depression. I had no control over anything, but God did. After Twenty-two years of addictions, mental health issues, bridges I burned, people that I let down, the ones I worried sick, the ones that I screwed over, and all the lies I told, God was still there. He was waiting for me to say I was ready for him to take over.


Aaron and April at the Wilkes Recovery Rally in North Carolina
Aaron and his wife April an Eleanor Health nurse from Hickory at the Wilkes Recovery Rally in North Carolina

In 2015, I was using and had a horrible four-wheeler accident. I was alone and not sure how long I lay there in the woods. I regained consciousness in a hospital. I was in the ICU for 6 weeks. My parents were the only people there for me. Where were my friends that used with me? My friends that wanted to hang out and get high every day? I had eight brain aneurysms and many other injuries. I was told that I was near death. On 10-10-2015, I used my last substance. I accepted God into my life fully, and he made me whole and free from addiction. A quote from one of my favorite singers, Zach Williams, “My chains were gone, and I had been set free.” 

I met my wife, and we were married on 10-10-2020. We belong to a wonderful church and sponsor 2 children in Haiti each month. I have an amazing and fulfilling career, own my own home, have 4 cars, and have an awesome relationship with my wife and parents. 

I maintain recovery by helping others, attending church, and growing closer to my family. I find that in helping others, I was able to help myself become a better person. I deeply enjoy the connections I can make by sharing my experiences with those in need. I build trust by sharing my lived experience, staying real and down to earth, and lifting others with humor and recognition of strength. I love seeing the best in people, I want to be an advocate for them, and I want to teach them that it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. I use myself as a living example that it is possible to beat the stigma and become successful. 


“You see alcohol, I see social anxiety. 

You see track marks, I see depression. 

You see a junkie, I see someone’s son. 

You see a prostitute, I see someone’s daughter caught in addiction. 

You see self-centeredness, I see a disease. 

You see a pill head, I see overprescribing of opiates. 

You see someone unwilling to change, I see someone that hasn’t connected yet. 

You see denial, I see someone hurting. 

You see someone nodding out, I see God showing us that they need help.

You see the end, I see the beginning. 

You see a dope fiend, I see a future success story. 

You see them, I see ME.”

-Unknown Author



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