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Black Lives Matter: Eleanor Health Co-Founder and Executive Team Statement on Breonna Taylor Verdict

Nzinga Harrison

September 25, 2020


Eleanor Health Team,

Personally, Louisville is my hometown, and the ruling and process of Breonna Taylor’s case have been especially disgusting, in the shadow of her killing. This hits home in the literal sense, as I know it does for many of the Eleanor team and community.

As your Co-Founding and Executive Leadership Team, we write this email to recognize and acknowledge the pain the recent verdict in the case of Breonna Taylor may bring to our Black Eleanor teammates. We deplore the decision to not bring justice to those responsible for the killing of Breonna Taylor, and we stand in solidarity with the Black community through this time of acute trauma, and always.

At Eleanor, we stand for equity and justice, and look to progress these values, particularly for Black people, who don’t experience equity and justice in this country. Period.

In our commitment to support the Eleanor team, especially our Black Eleanor teammates, counsel and guidance from the Black Lives Matter Committee has led to the following:

  • Updated Bereavement Policy: Our updated bereavement policy gives one day of leave for any Eleanor teammate who has suffered loss, no questions asked. This includes those who might be suffering from the acute trauma of social injustices like the police killings of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Rayshard Brooks. If you need a day, take it. The only requirement is that you first confirm the time with your manager so that we can ensure that member care continues without disruption. If additional time off is needed, Wellness Time can be used in conjunction with the bereavement leave.

  • Employee Assistance Program: Health Advocate offers grief counseling, short-term counseling, and other mental health services for Eleanor employees through your Justworks account. We also intend to curate a BIPOC affirming counseling network.

  • Paid Mindfulness App: For any Eleanor teammate looking to download a mindfulness app to help manage stress, anxiety, or grief, especially times like this, we are adding a new benefit that allows you to expense it to Eleanor. We will reimburse up to $15/month for the meditation/mindfulness app that resonates with you. Simply submit the monthly charge through Expensify for your reimbursement. Liberate is suggested by our BLMC and is purpose-built for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

  • Black Lives Matter Committee: Please communicate directly with our Black Lives Matter Committee with ideas or support.

  • External Resources: See 44 Black Mental Health Resources for Black People Trying to Survive in this Country as one recommended guide of resources to support our teammates.

Lastly, we want to leave you with the words of Breonna Taylor’s mom, as they resonated with us:

Palmer also recalled her feelings upon hearing that no officers would be indicted for their involvement in Taylor’s death.

“Mad. Pissed. Upset. Hurt. A lot of emotions,” she said. “I wasn’t surprised, though. I didn’t have faith in them to begin with. I was holding out hope.”

Before leaving, Palmer remarked there was “still a lot of work to be done.” “It doesn’t end there,” she said. “People need to get out and vote. Voting is going to get the change we need. Protesting is nothing if we don’t take it to the polls.”

To support the change that is needed, we strongly encourage you to register to vote and develop a voting plan. Those who need to vote in person will be allowed up to a half-day paid time off to cast their ballots, working around their member care schedules. Please reach out to us with any other support you need.

Yours in Solidarity,

Srishti, Corbin, Nzinga, and Michael

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